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Create Professional Invoices
in 8 Easy to Follow Steps

If you choose to invoice, make it clear to your customers that they are dealing with a serious company.

The best way to do this is to send a really professional-looking invoice. In minutes, InvoWiz invoice software can create an invoice for professional services rendered.

Add your company logo, create an invoice, place it in a double-window envelope and mail it to your customer.

Or, you can send the invoice, electronically, directly to your customer's email address. Electronic invoicing is great (sending invoices by email has resulted in deposits into our Paypal account the same day).

InvoWiz has been one of the most popular downloadable invoicing programs available through the Internet. The first version was released in 1997, and followed two years later with an updated interface.

Most office managers want software that is easy to use. "Ease of use" is the reason most of our surveyed customers tell us that they chose InvoWiz.

Want to know what these invoices look like? Click "sample invoice" to see a sample of completed InvoWiz invoice format print previews.


Trial Version

For an instant download of a 7-Day Trial, click the PayPal button below. The cost is $2.95 for one week. 

The $2.95 is a one-time charge. It is processed by the Small Business SOHO Software Group.

InvoWiz Pro 7-day Trial

Note: Many visitors to this web site are looking for invoicing forms of some type. Socrates Media produces a wide range of downloadable business forms including a "Consulting Services Agreement" form, an "Account Credit Approval" form, a "Past-Due Account" form, and a "Contractor Bids & Estimates Kit."  They also have software designed for invoicing using MS Word & Excel.
What is Invoicing all About??

If you're new to business, you may want to know the advantages of customer invoicing and how it fits into a small business plan. If so, please read this short article called The Invoicing Concept.

The Invoicing Concept
Cash may not make the world go `round... but it is an essential ingredient to making your business dreams a reality! The cash or operating cycle represents the process of turning your cash into products and services which are sold and then turned back into cash (hopefully more than when you started). Of course purchasing inventory or paying salaries is a use of cash, but what about accounts receivable? When you
collect from your customers, you will receive cash, so a decrease in accounts receivable is a source of cash.

The opposite is true when you increase accounts receivable (agree to invoice); it is a decrease in cash. You are providing trade credit to your customers. Although you don`t actually hand them cash, you are indirectly providing them with funds to purchase products or services from you. Growing businesses really need to closely watch their inventory and receivables so they don`t find themselves in a cash crunch at a time when business is booming. Otherwise, the business` cash cycle might have to come to a screeching halt.

As The Invoicing Concept shows, offering free credit to your customers doesn't always make for the ideal revenue model. Of course, InvoWiz also allows you to create RECEIPTS if your company demands full payment up front.

For more information about accounts receivable management, we have several additional informative invoicing articles here.

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InvoWiz Invoice Software
is Designed for...

  1. New Business Owners

If you've never created an invoice before, you'll like the fact that InvoWiz helps you generate invoices quickly and easily using a simple step-by-step process.

  1. Business Veterans

If you'd rather not deal with your company's huge enterprise-level accounting system or if you have purchased some other non-intuitive accounting software package, you'll like the fact that InvoWiz helps you generate invoices quickly and easily using a simple step-by-step process.

  1. Product Sellers - Create Invoices
    and Receipts for Your Products

Setup your invoices to reflect unit costs for products purchased and associated tax rates and shipping costs, or...

  1. Consultants and Service Sellers - Bill
    for Professional Services Rendered

Setup your invoices to reflect hourly (or daily) rates for services rendered or projects completed.

We want to thank all of those who have purchased and trialed our software since 1997. The suggestions and feature requests have helped us make InvoWiz as popular as any small business invoicing software. Future versions of InvoWiz will continue to make invoicing easier and more efficient.

InvoWiz (2.0) Invoice
Software Modules

The Invoice Wizard is the most important module. Most of what needs to be done to create and configure invoices is accomplished through the wizard. The other modules provide flexibility for dealing with invoices that have already been created.

Click on any of the graphics for a larger view of the module, or on the module name for more information about the module.

For detailed answers explaining the invoicing software modules, look at our email questions and answers list.

InvoWiz Standard License...

is now available in 3 payments and 0% interest. Download immediately. The Instant Download includes our 180 Day Guarantee, an email address and a phone number for customer and technical support questions.

Invoice Software System
Need Envelopes for
Invoice Mailing?

InvoWiz supports double-window envelopes such as the Globe-Weis 266759 and the Columbian CO165 (contact support for the margin specifications).

InvoWiz Std and InvoWiz Pro Licenses include 10 complementary CO165 double-window envelopes which will be mailed to your office.

For additional quantities, order directly from us.

  1. 25 Quantity - $6.95 (price includes shipping)

  2. 50 Quantity - $8.95 (price includes shipping)

  3. 100 Quantity - $14.95 (price includes shipping)

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