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About the Invoicing Articles

These are general articles focusing on small businesses and the important issues in invoicing and accounts receivable management that affect small businesses. These articles and are not related to our invoicing software package, or any particular software package at all.

  1. Accounting Software

If you are thinking of purchasing an accounting software system, talk to industry trade organizations and find out what packages are commonly used in your industry. There are many products available with a wide array of features and capabilities, and price ranges vary widely too.

  1. Aging of Accounts Receivable

Accounts receivable are dollars due from customers. Aging of accounts receivable identifies your problem customers, and also allows you to manage your credit policies based upon industry standards.

  1. Collection Techniques

The longer an account goes unpaid, the more difficult it becomes to collect. Much of the nastiness of collection can be removed by having a clear policy and procedure set in your credit department. Take the time to do that and you should easily have 98% of your clients paying on time.

  1. Feeling the Crunch...
    Managing Cash Shortages

Small businesses frequently feel the crunch of cash flow shortages. The constant struggle to pay the bills can become discouraging. One way to relieve that constant pressure is through better management of company receivables.

  1. Selling on Credit and its Risks

The first issue you will need to deal with is whether or not selling on credit is even necessary for your particular business... Each state may have different requirements. If your state has no requirements or has weaker requirements then the federal law, follow the federal law. Please, take the time to learn these laws, and consult with your attorney as appropriate.

  1. Starting a Small Business

Last year thousands of people across the United States decided to exercise their independence by creating their own small businesses. It's the American entrepreneurial dream to take a business idea from the concept, research and planning stages to the day when you open your door, hang out your shingle or go live online.

  1. The Role of Invoice Factoring
    as a Source of Funding

Factoring is not usually a form of capital but as soon as you have invoices, factoring becomes an option... Factoring is often an important part of the growth of small businesses during the first five years, especially if they are growing rapidly, because those are the years when cash flow might be tight.

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