InvoClick Invoicing Module for
TM NT, 2000, XP

Applied Analytic Systems, Inc.
Carnegie Office Park
600 North Bell Ave
Bldg. 2, Suite 2700
Carnegie, PA 15106
Pro Version $TBD
Std Version $TBD

InvoWiz v. 2.0

InvoClick 2004 v. 1.0
Invoice Creator

InvoClick is a submodule of InvoWiz 2004 that allows users to create and print a quick invoice *without* using the InvoWiz customer, product, or invoice databases.

If you do not create many invoices and do not have a large customer list, this product is perfect for light-volume use.

Sold Separately
The License Cost of $14.97 is paid through Paypal.

When ordering by Paypal include your company name and address exactly as they WILL APPEAR on your invoices. This information will be used to generate your registration code.

Create Instant Invoices. Download for free.

  • For Lite Volume Invoicers,
  • Easy, self explaining interface,
  • Up to six line items,
  • Clean Invoice Output,
  • Fully functional 10 day trial,
  • Add Company Logo, Set Desired Fonts,
  • Window Envelope (CO-165) Compatible...

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